Oh What a Night...

December 31 2008. Boy, now that was a night to remember. Me and my brother and sister stayed up soooo late, I actually thought that I would make it through the night! We were watching movies, oohing at fireworks, singing to our iPod, top volume (not singing top volume, we had the earbuds in and we played them at top volume), telling jokes, eating very lightly so as not to upset the stomach's regular digestive schedule (an apple here, some grapes there). Man, it was one of those times where "you had to be there, dude!" Unfortunately, I did not stay up to see the sunrise like I wanted; my last memories were of reading the sixth Pendragon book in my bed, and then...all went dark...Haha, so dramatic. But really, that's what happened. Of course I can take some pride in knowing that I alone stayed up later than the rest, but y'all will have to take my word for it.

Anyway, wow, it's finally 2009. I'll bet a lot of people are blogging for the new year this very day. Why did you choose to read mine? You must have good taste. In the new year, there are a few things that I am hoping for:
  • I hope I don't fall asleep in the middle of the day today from lack of rest (although if I do I know it'll be all my dang fault for deciding to stay up late.)
  • I hope "The Leslie and Kyle show" will be a big hit someday.
  • I hope that my drawing and doodling skills will get much better, (as opposed to getting worse with little use)
  • I hope to have a lot more adventures and new experiences. (and that might mean spending less time at the computer. Ohhh nooo! Just kidding, just kidding.)
  • I hope I can be a better person this year. (Well doesn't everyone this time of year? How unoriginal! But this time I'm serious.)
Well, here's to ringing in the new and all that jazz, time to sing "Auld Lang Syne" or whatever, and make a lot of promises that we don't intend to keep (including the promise for making promises you don't intend to keep), but it's also time for changes. Welcome to the future!

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