Leslie and Kyle: Sock Puppets on YouTube

This post is all about me and my siblings' YouTube series, "The Leslie and Kyle Sock-Puppet Show". We first got the idea to film the show about 6 months ago, when we were just earning our wings as "YouTubers". I'm not sure why we called them Leslie and Kyle, the names just "felt right". We've shown this series to some of our family and friends, and it seems that the show appeals to kids and adults alike. Here are all 7 of Leslie and Kyle's shows.
This first show is an introduction to the characters.

The second show features Leslie and Kyle's first guest star, a sock bunny. 

The first Holiday special, 4th of July. I drew all the pictures. Here you can better notice some of my artistic abilities put to practical use.

Here, we see Leslie and Kyle acting out a song called "Me Too". It's a pretty old song, as far as I know, my brother and sister and I know it from all the times our grandparents sang it to us when we were little kids (which, once I really think about it, wasn't too long ago).

Kyle gets tired of playing goofy second fiddle to Leslie, so he is given a chance to play goofy host of the show. Leslie isn't too happy about it in the end.

This movie was made only a couple weeks ago in honor of the holidays. Notice we don't mention which holidays though.

And finally, the latest episode, in which Leslie and Kyle experiment with special filming effects, with hilarious consequences.

Hope you enjoyed watching these shows, if in fact you did watch them at all.

Anyway, (using Leslie's favorite catchphrase,) let me end this post to wish everyone reading this a Happy New Year!

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