Questions, questions. Random questions.

These are some questions that as of yet, I have not found a satisfactory answer to. Maybe anyone who reads this post can comment me if they have any ideas. These questions don't exactly fall into the "burning question" catagory, but I am curious.

1. Why don't monkeys have whiskers?
2. Why is it impossible to effectively tickle oneself, and what makes some people more ticklish than others?
3. How do people get sleep in their eyes, and where does it come from?
4. How do scientists know which animals see in color and which see just black and white?
5. How is it that when people draw "hearts", that shape isn't at all what a heart looks like, and who invented that shape?


Rainy.Rani said...

Number 4:

In the retina, there are these things called cones and rods. Rods respond to dim light, they're like our "night vision," when cones are required for color vision. Some animals have very few cones, which makes them only see certain colors. I believe you find out how many rods and cones an animal has by, well, disecting it.

Also, scientists give out certain tests to see how animals respond to colors. You know how you teach a dog to do tricks? Well, scientist teach animls to respond to those colors. I had helped a friend with an essay about it before.

Hope it helpes.

Rainy.Rani said...

Oh, and I have created a blog before, and about four seconds after I did I deleted it :)

I might make a blog that I would actualy keep, but I'm not sure. I'll have to think about it. Thanks for the suggestion!