Pet Post #2

This morning, my sister and I noticed something very strange about Sasha and Sammy's birdcage...it was opened, and Sasha and Sammy were not inside! Whether they can now open the cage door by themselves we do not know for sure, but that's not the strangest thing that happened. We went to look for them in our living-room, and soon enough, we found Sammy sitting on a picture frame innocently, but we had to search a couple more minutes until we found Sasha. He had lost a few feathers from his head, and had a little "boo-boo" on his beak, but besides that, we found him safe and sound. There were several feathers on one or two spots on the living-room rug, as if one of the birds was in a fight or something. Bettina and I suspect that Sammy had a fight with Sasha and took off those feathers, but for now he's innocent until proven guilty. Poor Sasha, I hope he heals soon. His little "mohawk" is smaller than it used to be, but he's still cute.

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LouMac said...

i hope he heals soon too! he is sooo cute. good luck on finding out if they know how to open the bird cage or not