Welcome to my Revamped Blog!

I'm back world, and I'm better than ever! There's no stopping me! I've returned to Blogger!

Really? It's you? It's actually you?

Yes my wonderful blog! And I've given you a nice new layout and design scheme as well!

Well that's all fine and dandy Ms. disappear-for-6-weeks. What the heck have you been up to since you've been gone? Huh?

Alright everybody, hold your horses. I've just been taking a temporary break from blogging because I had so many other things going on.
First off there was the road-trip my family took to get from Florida to New York, and then from there Bettina and I had a wild and wonderful 10-day tour of the land of Israel (where we made about 40 new friends and took about 350 pictures and videos with our digital camera), plus the road trip from New York back to Florida. In all, a 2-week chunk, from May 14-28.
Then there were the shows that me and my siblings were a part of: Adam in Ms. Judy's production of "Gypsy" (May 28 and 31), Bettina and me in Yasmine's original production called "Once Upon A Broadway Dream" (May 30). After both plays, I swore that it would be a very long time before I go back into show business for someone else other than me. If I'm going to be on stage or rehearsing for a show, I'd rather be the one calling the shots.

Then June came, with brutal South Florida heat and huge rainstorms competing for attention. This month marked my parents' 21st Wedding Anniversary (June 11), and the 5th Anniversary of when my Toastmaster Club, Beacon Point, first got chartered (June 23). Recently, my sister Bettina gave her 5th speech, thereby completing half of her basic 10-speech manual! Congrats sis!
A few other highlights include going to the theater to see "How to Train Your Dragon" (June 15) and "Toy Story 3" (June 19), 2 absolutely ├╝ber-awesome films and my 2 favorite animated movies of 2010 (if not of all time)! 3 days ago of course was Father's Day, so Benny received special handmade cards from each of his loving children and we spent the day at the beach.

Which finally brings us to the present day. Or the past, which is more likely anyway.
Today I have decided to give blogging another chance. I've changed my layout and my background with the amazing 1-stop Template-Design tool from Blogger, so now it's like a clean slate, a fresh start, only with all of my previous blog posts intact. Wait'll I have some fresh material to work with!