My Doodle Collection #2

Hello, hello, hello! Annette Levy here! Check out my doodle collection #2!
<---This right here, with the mannequin parts in different poses, was the first page I filled out in my sketch book. My aunt got both the sketch book and the mannequin for my 16th birthday. Thanks a million Lisa!
This one over here was done in early June, when I was reading "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain". It talked all about how objects have "negative space", and if you notice the spaces around a subject, it's easier to draw. Imagine a Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs runs through a wall, and all you can see is the hole he made in the wall; that's exactly what negative space is! There's a nothingness, yet there's something there, you know? Whatever.
<--- Now old Charlie over here I copied from Google Images. (I dearly hope you know who Charlie Chaplin is, although he was famous many decades ago). I didn't know how to do his eyes, so I just filled them in. I hope it doesn't make him look spooky. I'm especially proud of how I did his jacket; I used a graphite pencil and some blending tortillions. You can buy those sorts of tools at any good arts-&-crafts store.
---> I made this cutie just a couple months ago, I think it was one of those times when I wasn't feeling happy with my art. So I made a seahorse, and that made me feel much better. Seahorses are so cool, aren't they? Did you know that there are over 32 different species of seahorse?
(so says Wikipedia.)
<--- Out of this collection, this is my latest one, drawn only a week ago. Pretty kitty was started with just a simple "smiley", like this:
And then it just grew from there. Drew it from imagination as well as the seahorse. I don't own a cat because that would scare the feathers off of Sasha and Sammy, and Hazel too, but that doesn't mean I don't love cats as much as the next person. They're so coy, and plushy!

Well, that's all for now!
Signed, The Funny One.


LouMac said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing! I think you are a fantastic artist!!!!! Bravo! Bravo!

The Funny one said...

Thank you so much for your comments LouMac! Next post I'll put up a picture I know you'll recognize! S.Y.L. (See ya later!)