1-Month Anniversary of Me Joining Blogger

It was 31 days ago today that my twin sister Bettina  introduced me to blogging. I had already known about blogging and it's apparent popularity, but back then, I didn't realize how much fun it would be. You can put up pictures, embed movies, post your opinions, share your creations, and even connect with people. A shout-out to LouMac: Thank you for taking interest in what I have to say!

For any of you who are reading this blog for the first time, please check out my 16 previous postings. I'm a person who likes to make people smile (maybe even laugh), I like to draw and show off my work here (soon I'll put up another doodle collection for your viewing pleasure), I have a sock-puppet show called "Leslie and Kyle" which you can see on YouTube (or you can just see all the past episodes in one place, here), and I like to write about my 3 pets, Hazel the Hamster, and Sasha & Sammy, the cockatiel bros. Also I like to write about what's on my mind at any given time, if I think you might be interested in reading it.

Even though today is my one-month anniversary of joining Blogger, I'm not doing anything special today, besides writing a post to comemorate this date, and just generally lazing about. Time to log off for now. Byyyyeeeee!

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LouMac said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out!
I love reading everyone's blogs. They are all so interesting. Whenever I need cheering up, I always come here and there is always a new post that makes me laugh! I LOVE it!!! Thanks, now I got to get back to homework.