Hip-Hip-Hooray!! (x 3)

I have 3 very happy reasons to be in a very cheerful mood, and I will very well tell you what and why (notice that I said "very" thrice! Although if you count the one inside these here parenteses, 4 times now.)
<1>This should be the most obvious reason to be any kind of happy: Barack Obama is now officially, (if he wasn't already since the election was all over) the 44th president of the United States of America! Me and my family saw the whole Inaugural ceremony on television. I'm glad that we didn't have to go to Washington D.C. to see him give his big speech. 
If you'd like to see the speech in it's entirety, here's the Wikisource article for Barack Obama's Inaugural Address
I might have been able to endure the crowds, but I'm not so sure about the low temperatures there. After the show was over, I felt so glad that finally "Dubya's" term is at it's end, and that Obama will soon be hard at work thinking of ways to make America better. Not that I would call George W. Bush a bad president, but he didn't really add too much to America besides funny SNL skits and new words like "misunderestimate". Barack Obama makes me look forward to the days ahead and the work that needs to be done, and he is a natural leader, with energy and strategy, as well as humility. He can't fix this country all on his own you know.

<2>Tonight I have finished the book "Pendragon: The Quillan Games", after starting it just last Sunday. What a story! I am still amazed at how fast I breezed through those pages, reading chapter after chapter to see what happens next. D.J. MacHale is a great author, and I've enjoyed reading this series since August of 2008. Critics and fans have called it the next "Harry Potter", and only the 10th book is left for release in the Pendragon saga. (It's interesting to note that saying "the next Harry Potter" does not deter readers from buying Harry Potter books. On the contrary, the series is still as popular as ever.) I highly recommend the series and I'm eager to get my hands on the 8th book, "The Pilgrims of Rayne".

<3> And my 3rd reason to be happy is...is...well I don't really have any big reason, but I did remember that it's LouMac's birthday today, so here's a shout out to her: "HOPE YOU HAD A VERY HAPPY ONE!!! <|:)"
Also my little brother is now tall enough to ride my bike. From now on he doesn't necessarily need to use his little kid-bike anymore, the option is always open to use either mine or my sister's.
And I have also read the 4th book of "Bone", titled "The Dragonslayer". I just loved the story, but I finished the whole volume so quickly I forgot to write a review on it, because I finished the "Twilight" book on the same day.

Oh well, that seems to make 5 happy things, but I thought the title was so clever that I gave it a chance. Good night, and Happy Tuesday!


LouMac said...

Hey Thanks! I will probably remember this birthday the most because of Inauguration Day! Well, I got to go. (Schoolwork)

Rainy.Rani said...

Happy Birthday Lou!

President Obama's speech was great! I watched it about six times now! It was amazing. I was so happy because it snowed and school was cancelled. So yeah, it was awesome.

Er....Bye :)