Blogging Again!

I'm back everybody! How've you been?

Since the beginning of 2011 I've been procrastinating and putting off the day when I finally could return to being an internet presence and share with you peeks into my world, but I just couldn't hold on a day longer. I'm back and I'm glad I am. It feels a lot better to actually do something instead of saying you'll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday I went and did a blog makeover for both this blog and my Art Blog, plus I posted some new drawings that I made this year, so after finishing this post you can go check the other blog out.

I plan on putting up another Art Post later today, so bonus points for you.

Lately my family's been feeling a little under the weather, health-wise, taking blows from things like fevers, stuffy noses, sore throats, and achy lower-backs, but now we're all feeling much better, except for Bettina, who still seems to have just a hint of higher-than normal body temperature (it just keeps hovering around 99.2-99.6 Fahrenheit or something).

Today for lunch my family had homemade veggie-burgers! Shira hasn't made them for the longest time, and they're really the best! We also played Monopoly together as a family, and after a game that lasted about 2 hours or so, Benny won with over $5000! He got it from his houses on St. James Place, Tennessee Ave., and New York Ave. Whoop-de-doo for him. >_<

I plan on writing again real soon, but for now I have nothing else to say. Bye now!