On a bit of a lighter note from last post...

I have come back from another practice-drive from the library (every trip I get to drive is practice until I get my licence...which should be in a few months o.~ ) and I have checked out the 7th installment of the "Pendragon" saga by D.J. McHale, which makes me pretty excited.

Still, me and Adam are reading "Twilight" together before we go to see the movie in the theater, so Pendragon will have to wait until then.

I am liking both book series! "Pendragon" is a perfect escape from reality, seeing as it takes you to many different realities. "Twilight" is my first dominantly romantic novel, with a bit of the vampire genre mixed in.

I am very excited about seeing "Twilight" the movie soon. I hope someday the first "Pendragon" book will be made into a movie; it has already been made into a graphic novel. (Though it would be best to read the full book anyway, the graphic novel doesn't have all the details.)
I wish everyone a productive week, and a good night. ~.~  -.- ^.^ 

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LouMac said...

I'm going to see Twilight soon, too! They all say it is really good; And then some say they HATED the movie. Oh, well! Everyone is different.

I'll have to look into the Pendragon series. I have heard a couple of times now that it is really good.