2 Fine Days Out

Yesterday, my dad treated my sister Bettina and me to smoothies. He wanted to celebrate because of all the good work we did. You see, recently, Bettina and I learned both the Greek and Arabic alphabets, because we're building up this website where you can view and hear the pronunciations of the alphabets of each of the different countries. If you care to see it, here's the link: http://www.levsoftware.com/ab/abc.html (just so you know, we don't have the Greek, Arabic, or Russian alphabet recordings, but everything else we've got.)

Anyway, where was I...Oh yeah! Smoothies. Well, my dad let me and Bettina do the driving (which was a treat in itself), and we found a cute little place called "Valerie's Place". It was this small, natural, french gourmet family-run type place, and along with fresh orange-banana smoothies, we ordered 2 apple tartes and crepes. Everything was delicious, and we had a great time altogether. It was a fine day out.

This afternoon, me and my twin sister went on a bikeride together to explore our sleepy little town. We went to this nice natural-gourmet cafe type place called "Offerdahls" and had an Oriental salad and a vegan sandwich to share. The food was all overpriced, but somehow, it was worth it. It was just me and Bettina sitting together, enjoying some good eats, and talking sister-stuff. The bikeride was so much fun! I'm not sure how far we rode, maybe a little more than a mile from our home and back. It was a nice sunny day, with no clouds in the sky, and a nice breeze behind us as we pedaled. Today was yet another fine day out.

It's so much fun to actually go outside and go to places, you know, instead of sitting at home, blogging all day? Oh well, I'll post later. Maybe tomorrow.

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