March Resolutions

February 2009 is now history. It went by a lot quicker than January, but that's probably because it had fewer days. Last month, on top of the resolutions I made for New Year's, I made a few resolutions for February, so let's see how I've upheld my tiny list of February Resolutions:

) 1 ~ Concerning number of books I have read this month: I have read a total of 8 books in February. And that's only if I count the couple books in the "Bone" series that I read in only a couple hours at Borders. The books that kept me the longest was the "How to Master the Art of Selling" book (a wonderful read that I recommend highly) and "Pendragon: Raven Rise", the 9th in the series (and also an excellent story, although you have to be involved in the rest of the series to appreciate it). I don't think I'll be setting any more reading goals for this month. I'm not trying to set any records here.
) 2 ~ Concerning my decision to wake up and go to sleep earlier: Unfortunately this resolution hasn't been kept all through this month, although these past few days I'm able to go to sleep very late (say midnight), and yet wake up very early (about 9:30ish). This resolution wasn't well thought through. Or maybe I'm weak. I love to sleep, and I hate to miss SNL. Anyway, it wasn't smart to put a curfew and a wake-up time on my day, because I believe in Divine Time; when I want to get up in the morning, it'll be the right time to get up, and when I go back to sleep at night, I was meant to go to sleep at that exact time. Plus if I need to wake up for something very important, I am out of bed and on my feet in seconds. I'm not too worried about my sleeping habits. I'm a well-rested person.
3 ~ Concerning drawing and/or writing every day: This resolution I am ashamed of. I have not been drawing or writing every day. In fact I felt so bad about not drawing for so long, that I drew this:
I know, "A toilet? Why??"
"Why not?" I ask you.
It may not make up for everything, but at least I had a fun 15 minutes drawing it. I have also written a total of 12 blog posts (including this one) just this month. I'm a bit impressed with myself. But I still need to find time to write physically more often.
4 ~ Concerning making new friends: I'm very very proud of just how well I've lived up to this wonderful resolution. Not only have I made at least a dozen friends over at Improv Class, but I also have gotten to know a couple new Blogger friends as well, like Nick James and Rainy.Rani. I have exceeded my expectations.
5 ~ Concerning trying something I never thought of trying: I don't know what I was thinking when I made up this resolution. It's not specific enough. As far as I can tell I have not done anything in February that I did without thinking about it first. Not that I haven't had any new experiences, I certainly did (like joining the Improv Class and registering for the SATs and studying without paying for a course), but I had to think about those things first, so I would think that they don't count. So much for that. Phooey.

I haven't gone skydiving yet, but at least I pretended I did in this weeks Improv class (see earlier post). That one was more of a joke than a resolution anyway. Double Phooey.

On another note, Spring is in the air! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer (not that it's ever really cold in Florida), and the supermarkets and malls and other shopping venues are getting ready to sell St. Patricks Day and Easter merchandise. Whoop-de-doo.
Now for some new Resolutions for the month of March that shouldn't be too hard for me:
  • Be absolutely ready to ace the SATs this month. Unfortunately I won't get the results for another 6 to 8 weeks
  • Write 5 Doodle Collection Posts. I've still got a few of my old works, but not much more. I'm going to start coming up with more originals, for your viewing pleasure.
  • Help my mom around the house more. Goodness knows I can go the extra mile for her when I want to. I just get so focused on reading and doodling and watching good movies that I don't really think about vacuuming or washing the dishes that much. So much for "an artist must not be fettered with the banal tasks of the household else her work suffers." I made that line up just now. I have no reason to complain. Moving on...
  • I know! Film another "Leslie and Kyle" show! (Need catching up? Click here. And then click here.)
  • Touch my toes without bending my knees. Throughout the month of March I will work to improve my flexibility by stretching and exercising, maybe some yoga. I'm a healthy person, but I don't feel stretchy enough.
There, that should hold me for the remaining 4 weeks. I've thought long and hard about my goals, which is the reason why this post was delayed. I wanted to post this on Feb. 28, or Mar. 1, but I had to edit this for an extra couple days. Thank you for reading.

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