Updates for the Week

Sorry that I haven't been posting this whole week. I can hardly believe the last time I blogged was my last Improv Post! I've been very busy studying for my SATs. My sister and I have this awesome system for learning math together, and I'm completely confident that we're both gonna ace that subject no problem. Ditto with the reading and writing subjects. The only thing I'm nervous about is the SAT essay. And the test is only 2 days away! Is that enough time to practice writing an acceptable 300 word/3-4 paragraph essay that is not vague and contains concrete examples relevant to the topic in the 25 minutes allotted? I don't think so!
Still, I don't want to not practice writing essays. I want to get better. If only writing handwritten essays was as easy as typing out blogposts on the computer. Maybe I just need to look at it a different way, as if the essay were a blogpost. There's an idea (maybe)!

Other items this week: My family discovered zucchini pasta!
No boiling water! No carbs! Just raw zucchini peeled up into strips, sliced into noodles and topped with a sauce of your choosing (tomato sauce for me). Left is zucchini spaghetti, Right is zucchini lasagna, with avocado and chopped spinach instead of cheese. MMM-MMM! I haven't even had breakfast yet, and I want some! 
Another good thing about zucchini pasta: The Jewish holiday of Passover is coming up (in April) and Jews aren't supposed to eat any bread or anything with yeast or dough in it, which includes regular pastas. But now with this natural pasta-alternative, we don't need to suffer completely! It's really the sauce that makes the dish anyway.

In other news, my artwork has been slowed down noticeably, for SAT reasons mainly, but earlier this week my mom bought from "Michael's" a set of French Curves at my request. French Curves are a type of drawing tool, useful forachieving natural arcs and curves. I'm experimenting a little, and after the test has been taken (please put me out of my misery) I'll put my picture up on one of my doodle posts. Okay?

Improv class is later tonight, but I didn't want to wait until then to do some regular life-update type blogging. You've been a great audience. Thanks for reading. Byeeee!

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