Improv Class #Six

This weeks' class was a lot more satisfactory than usual. Adam's getting much better at improvising scenes, and I don't know where she gets them, but Robin keeps coming up with new games for the group to do. The first couple games are always fun, because they're for physical warm-up. One game was called "The Sun Shines". One person stands in the middle of the circle and says, "The sun shines on...anyone who's wearing red," or "anyone born in September," or "anyone who's a vegetarian," you get it, right? And then everyone the sun shines on has to change his spot, and the person in the middle tries to steal someones spot, so the game is similar to "musical chairs" in that respect. People running all over the place, very funny.
There was another very funny 2-player game that involved one person reading from a script and the other person having to add his/her spin on it. The one who reads lines often has hilarious things to say, and the clueless one has no choice but to respond to whatever comes along. It was so funny, you just had to be there.
This time, Robin has gotten more authoritative. Sometime during the class, Charlie and Eric were goofing off, and Robin reminded everyone that for one to earn respect, one has to be respectful to everyone else. And that means watching and listening to your fellow performers and learning about what works and what doesn't work.
The last game we played had a few phases; first we did free association on whales, then we did different scenes with people on a topic however distantly related to whales, and finally a few people got to do monologues. I played a character of a vegetarian in a club, and when prompted as to what's so good about broccoli and spinach, I said, "There's plenty of other good stuff for vegetarians, like zucchini spaghetti that I make with my cool spiral slicer thing." I wasn't sure if she was acting, but a girl named Rebecca said "That sounds cool, I gotta try that sometime." Wouldn't it be cool if I turned someone on to a new and delicious way to eat zucchini?
When Adam, Bettina, and I got back home, we got mashed potatoes, and watched "High School Musical 3" on DVD. Whoo-hoo, yeah!
Gotta go now, byeee!

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