Improv Class #Four

Okay, time for writing about Improv class. I have to say that this one was not the best session so far. By now I know every single person in this class, but that doesn't mean that I'm comfortable acting with these guys. People are still talking amongst themselves and getting distracted while someone is trying to do Improv.
I suppose I can't blame the rest of the group this time, because Robin had us do a few challenging exercises. The games are turning into longer and longer "scenes" so we can practice how it would be in front of a real audience. One game was called "Monologue". It's a game where one person goes up, and the audience suggests a topic, and the person has to pretend like he/she is the expert of that topic. One person got "Wizard of Oz", another person got "cows". I got "nose hairs". What can a person say about nose hairs? The rule is you have to talk and talk about your topic, and if you say "uh, um, oh," or you stop talking for a few seconds because you can't think of anything else to say, you're out. After going into this made-up story about how nose hairs are miniature security guards who bounce out the germs and dust from the nose by pushing the sneeze button, I had to sit down.
Oh, but I have to tell about the beginning of the class, I can't believe I neglected to mention it. At the beginning, after Robin got us "settled down", we got physically warmed up by doing some stretches, head rolls, touching toes. We got to practice enunciating our consonants by using these passages that Robin handed out to us, and they were some pretty Shakespearean insults. Lamentably, I have forgotten all except "You thief of love!" but trust me when I say they were a lot more creative than that.
*take a deep breath* Okay, I'm going too fast for myself. I need to just take a break. My SATs are coming up in less than 2 days, so I have to get my head on straight. Peace out ya'll.

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