The Nightmare is Over! (exaggerating)

Finally! I can rest easy again! The SAT test is now behind me! I will stop using exclamations right after this sentence!

It seems almost hard to believe now how many hours I've been awake today. Bettina and I set our alarm clock to go off at 6:15 this morning (although I woke up at around 6:00) and the time on my computer, as I am writing this blog post, is now a quarter past 4:00. Don't worry, I got plenty of rest last night. Only stayed up till around 10:00 laying out clothes and setting up a backpack full of SAT-taking supplies: pencils, calculators, snacks, the like.
Back to this morning...Earlier I had a dream that I had already taken the SAT, and that I had nothing to worry about. Oh well. Had to make breakfast and wake mom to drive us. Had hot porridge in the car. Saw the sunrise on the way there. My mom stopped at Publix and bought us some fresh rolls to eat during breaks. Then she dropped me and my sister off near the high school entrance and wished us both good luck on the test. Go time.
Approached a line full of teenagers. Didn't seem to be very organized, so Bettina and I skipped ahead to near the front of the line. We got sent to a room, and found our way to #207 (which was our number). 30 teens altogether in the classroom. 7 boys to 23 girls. I counted.
The proctor (guy who oversees test takers) recited the whole SAT shtick about no electronics, other than calculators, in the class; no distracting noises during the test; only start a section when he says to and stop when he says stop; blah, blah, blah. Ready now. Set. GO! An essay and 9 sections later (or approximately 3 and 3/4 hours later), Bettina and I finish the blasted test! Three cheers! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! We were both tired, but immensely proud of ourselves for taking the SATs and not falling to pieces (as I feared I would during the essay). I daresay we might have done better this time around than we did on Nov. 1, the last time we took the SATs.

Later, my twin sister and I had to wait at the bus stop in front of the high school for about 15 minutes. During the wait, we ate some cereal, and I started reading a book called "Join Me" by Danny Wallace. Good thing we remembered to bring something to read just for that purpose. We had to take 3 buses and walk about half a mile to get back home. Now here I am, blogging and hanging out with my cockatiels on my shoulders. Now I have more time for my pets, and my doodles, and Leslie and Kyle, and all sorts of other stuff! Good gracious.  -_-
I'm footweary, my brain is tired, and I want to watch a movie. Catch you later! But first, a couple funny pictures!


Rainy.Rani said...

See! I told you that you had nothing to worry about! I bet you did dynamite on the test!

The Funny one said...

Thank you Rainy. Your comment is so nice. I wish I could find out sooner than 6-8 weeks what my results are, but you what they say: "You can't have it all" ^.^
Anyway, l8r g8r.

Nick James said...

It will pay off when you are going to some stellar college! Good stuff!