Improv Post #Three

The third week of Improv Class was so much fun. I'm so happy that I know the names of every single person participating. Of course only ten other kids showed up, but what's the difference. However, most of the kids still don't seem to get that Improv requires respecting other people in the "spotlight", which means no judging or critiquing, listening and watching the people performing so they can learn what looks good as well as what doesn't, and giving support to fellow actors, helping the scene move forward. This doesn't mean that I myself have nothing to work on; I have to not be afraid to take risks, or make mistakes, because in Improv (as well as acting in general), the audience doesn't notice mistakes until someone hesitates. I have to trust that in a jam, my fellow actors will have my back, instead of taking it upon myself to cover any screw-ups. Robin, the teacher, suggested that each of us keep a sort of Improv Journal so that we know what sort of Improv personalities we do best. Here is a list of characters I have done so far in class:
  • A camel
  • A freefall parachute instructor
  • A dog
  • A librarian
Well, it's not too many yet, but I have played a load more characters in my "professional" acting experience (in talent shows and plays and such, plus don't forget the sock-puppet webshow). Here are a few more characters in my repertoire:
  • Lou Costello (Me and Bettina performed "Who's on First" on stage years ago)
  • Ms. Darbus (from High School Musical last summer)
  • Kyle (the sock dude who does impressions from time to time ^.^)
There, I think that's a pretty good start for my character portfolio so far. I'll be sure to add more soon. Thank you for reading, and have a good night.

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