Improv Class #Five

I had a pretty good time this week at Improv class, but I'm not too sure if much has changed, besides the games that Robin keeps coming up with. Last night (because tonight is Friday), we learned a game called "Ali Baba and the Forty Theives". It's kindof like singing in the round, only instead of lyrics, one person starts off with a dance move, then the next person does the same move while the first person comes up with a new move, and so on until we make it all around the circle of 15. Unfortunately a few people didn't quite understand the game completely and so spoiled the game for everyone else. We also played a funny fast-paced game called "What are you doing?" 2 people play at a time, and 1 person starts doing an improvised action. 
The second person asks, "What are you doing?" And then the first person says that he/she's doing something that's completely unrelated to what he/she was actually doing.

Example: I'm pretending to sew a patch on a pair of pants.
"W hat are you doing?" the second person asks.
"I'm trying to put on a T-Shirt that's too small!"
The second person pretends to do just that.
"W hat are you doing?" I ask.
"Getting these ants off my back!" and so on and so forth.

A few extra peronalities to add on to my repertoire of characters: a man who has a pet bird, a rabbi sweeping hamantashen crumbs under the rug, a roommate who uses someone's toothbrush for washing dishes without telling them, and, if it counts for anything, a girl who keeps changing outfits at a mall. I find that a couple select people still do not completely respect those in the limelight, to this week. Those selected are a couple of boys, Eric and Charlie, who work well together as a team, but for anyone else, they either steal the show, or go off on their own to do something distracting like toss a ball back and forth. Not to say that there aren't a few girl characters who haven't changed much over the past 5 weeks; there's Sophie, who pretty much craves attention, and gets it by talking loudly and being generally silly; there's also Gabby who is a tiny bit shy and not very physically expressive, you know, just plays a "talking head". Most of the other people have been in this Improv group at least once before in the last year, so they're all very good and experienced at what they do, and hopefully some of their grace and fluidity of action will rub off on me and my sibs.

After class was over, I felt like I had to promote my "Leslie and Kyle" show in some way, for some reason, and so without quite thinking it through, I blurted out to anyone who cared to hear, "Anyone who watches YouTube please search for 'Leslie and Kyle', it's a webshow me and my brother and sister do, with sockpuppets." A few people said "Really? Oh that's nice, maybe I will." I wonder if anybody will mention liking the show when we come next week.

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