A Very Important Lesson

Today my dad, Benny, taught me something that I don't soon want to forget. Adam, Bettina and I were thinking up ideas for the next "Leslie & Kyle sock-puppet show", and one of the ideas required the use of Groucho-glasses. The trouble was, we didn't own a pair of Groucho-glasses, so we decided to be proactive, and we walked to the nearest dollar-store. Unfortunately the man who ran the small store didn't speak English very well (We're looking for a pair of Groucho-glasses), and after he showed us a box full of regular glasses (No, Groucho Marx, Marx Brothers?) and a snorkling mask (Marx, not mask.) we decided to cut our losses and leave (Oh well, thanks anyway). We came back home empty-handed and tried to think our way around this obstacle. Then Benny came in and we told him the story of the foriegn dollar-store manager, and then he said, "Well if your episode needs Groucho-glasses, why don't you make a pair yourselves?"
"Out of what?" I ask him.
"Anything around the house, cardboard, play-dough, use your imagination."
"That won't work." I say stubbornly.
"If you can imagine it, you can make it." He says.
"Well I can't imagine it." Red flag goes up for my dad. Can't and imagine in the same sentence?
What had happened to me? The can-do girl with a positive attitude and a healthy imagination. He tells me something along the lines of "Can't is a limiting word, imagination is limitless, don't go putting limits on the limitless. Can't holds you back from reaching your full potential." I felt a little embarassed, but I also knew my dad was right. 
Then Bettina and Adam came up with some ideas of their own, and we put together some cardboard, construction paper, and bits of fake sideburns to create our very own miniature Groucho-glasses built just for Kyle the sock puppet. After we were done, and after we admired our handiwork, I thought about what this experience has taught me. Keep thinking creatively and don't let the word "can't" hold me back from being all I can be. I hope that I have another chance to use this lesson soon, because the next time something doesn't work as planned, I'll come up with possible solutions instead of accepting that the problem won't be fixed. I will. Expect a new "Leslie and Kyle" show on YouTube, March 32nd. (^.^ April Fools!)

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