What I did for April Fools Day.

  • Me and Bettina finally put up Leslie and Kyle's April Fool's Day episode! It is our best show ever!!!! (Check it out! It'll do both of us a lot of good. You'll laugh, and I can say that the video made you laugh. Win-win! Today we got quite a few emails about how good our video was, plus a couple comments. As of publishing time, it has garnered almost 50 views! How about that for first day debut?)
  • I put an eggplant shaped like a stomach in Adam's bed before he woke up. (He was all, "What is an eggplant doing in my bed?" and I was all, "Ha-ha! April Fool!")
  • Wore my shirt backwards. (And why not? It says "Live, Love, Rock On". That's exactly what I'm doing. An interpretation of it anyway.)
  • Said good-night to a stranger even though it was daylight. (I don't think he got it though.)
  • Rode my new Rip-Stick instead of walking to the supermarket.(I've had it for about 4 days now. I'm sorry I didn't tell about it sooner. It's so cool! I now know how to go down a skating ramp with it.)
  • Browsed around Google. (They had an artificially intelligent entity named CADIE, check out her blog! Trust me, it doesn't take long to read through the whole thing.)
  • Found ELIZA. (Another artificially intelligent computer program, although in my opinion noticeably less intelligent than CADIE)
  • Watched a bunch of "Fred" videos on YouTube. (Don't do it. It's pretty much a waste of time. I only did it to search for any "good ones", but trust me, it's all beneath your intelligence level. I'm not even putting a link anywhere on this item. So if you still want to see Fred, you're going to have to search for them yourself. Not that it's really that hard anyway, so whatever. I've just gotten you curious now. Dang it.)
  • Learned how to play the Jonas Brother's song "Burning Up" on the piano. (My dad Benny taught me. Then I taught Bettina. She picked it up quickly. We pretty much played it all afternoon.)
  • Wrote the rough draft for my dad's birthday card. (Sshhh! Don't tell. ^.^ It's on the 4th BTW.)

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