All Things in Moderation, Except Love and Laughter

First let me say that Superbowl XLIII was my favorite ever! History was made last night!
A 100-yard play! 

3-D commercials! 

Bruce Springstein's awesome halftime concert! (Sorry, I only found the first half of the halftime show. Not that this was really history making, but it was definitely a highlight of the evening.)

This Superbowl was special because this year I stayed up and watched the whole thing(!), as opposed to falling asleep somewhere in the 3rd quarter and then waking up to see who won. -.- My family went to a friends house to watch, and he had a nice big flat-screen and lots of goodies like pizza and chips, grapes and carrot sticks, and even a keylime pie. Too much! 
Lots of people, awesome game, fun fun fun! Plus, this friend kept a few cats, so I had fun getting to know them and pet them and play with them. One was named Mouse, and another one who was a tail less named Spaz. Also a kitten that I got to hold in my lap whose name escapes me...Mo?...Meow?...Something like that. ^.^

Anyway, here I am on the 2nd day of February. *gasp! the month is now 1/14 over!*
I have been doing a ton of reading today (I hate exaggerating, but it sure feels like a ton).

On top of my "How to Master the Art of Selling" book by Tom Hopkins, I have started the 8th Pendragon book, "Pilgrims of Rayne". Is it just me, or is it much easier to breeze through pages full of fiction than to read a nonfiction book?
Anyway, a lot of reading. I should take it easy. Everything in moderation and all that.

I should also moderate my blogging activities. This morning I've been editing my profile a little here, browsing through blogger profiles there, plotting this post's draft. I should focus my time and energy on my art work, or helping other people. I should also moderate my movie watching activities. Tonight I was watching the 3rd Star Wars movie. (Such an epic.) I should go outside and exercise, take a walk or do jumping jacks. Jumping is good fun. Anyway, (jeez, I said anyway 3 times now!) I don't have anything else to say, so I'm going to end this post right here, with my signature "Byyyyeeeeee!"

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