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For the first time ever since I joined Blogger, I was tagged. In blogging terms, this means that someone else received a type of writing exercise or game of sorts, and then that person sent the game to a number of friends so that those friends can send it to a number of their friends, and so on until someone eventually says, "Hey I was already tagged, that game is old news now!"
Anyway, this game is called Honest Scrap, and the blogger who tagged me is "Just Tabitha". Here's her "Honest Scrap" posting right here in case you want to see. Here is how the game goes:

#1: Choose at least 5 blogs that you follow or check frequently, and pass this game on to them.
#2: Post the "tagged" ones on your blog in linked form
#3: List 10 honest things about yourself (and no vagueness about it! Just the truth, the whole thing and nothing but.)

My 10:
1) I think of myself as a reliable person. I'm very patient, mature, and I have a reputation for perfect attendance (or at least I think I have a reputation). When I was a part of a production for "High School Musical" at my local Town Center Club, I showed up right on time for almost every rehearsel. (I played the drama teacher Ms. Darbis.) However I believe in the concept of "Divine Timing": No matter if I'm late or early for something, I am on "divine time". If it rains on a walk or I lose my library card, I believe it was meant to be. (I always get my library card back of course. I wouldn't be able to check out anymore books or movies otherwise.) I am also very spontaneous. I love to learn new things. However there are some times when I take myself too seriously, when I expect to get something right the first time I try it. I get frustrated and upset when I don't. I have learned many times that failure is not permanent, but something I can learn from.
2) I am a professional tree-climber. I have been since I was very young, like 3 or 4 years old. I know how to swing from a branch, climb to the top, hide in the leaves, and avoid rotten limbs (I learned about falling out of trees the hard way). I am also a great swimmer, and diver, having learned from a young age as well as tree-climbing. I'm not a fan of participating in team sports such as basketball or soccer. I don't play competitively. I am a good runner though; once I ran 6 laps around a football field without stopping. Of course I was gasping for breath afterwards, but it's the best I've done so far.
3) I love the musical "Hello Dolly". There, I've said it. I love the movie with Barbara Streissand and Walter Matthau and Michael Crawford. I love the songs, "It Only Takes a Moment" and "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" and all the rest. I love the story, the adventure, and the romantic comedy. The dances are great. I would never have known about this movie if I didn't see the movie "Wall-E", which I also love, so for that I'm thankful. I wish I could be in a play of "Hello Dolly", even if I didn't get to be a lead character.
4) You know when you were a child, and you knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? I knew that I was going to be an astronaut. As children grow older they start to see the pros and cons of their career choice and maybe settle for the next best thing. I later wanted to be an airplane pilot. And then most kids forget about their silly dreams and go about things more practically. Me, I hope that there's a flying car in my future that I can use to commute to work, whatever it may be.
5) I know that I know nothing. Nothing compared to how much knowledge is in the Universe that is. It humbles me how far the human race has advanced, and yet how much more is left in the future. I've read that the Earth will exist for another couple billion years, so compared to what people will learn in the future, I know absolutely nothing. But I still want to make a difference, so I'm not lazing about going all philosophical all day, I'm writing and reading and walking and doodling and climbing trees, and trying new foods, new experiences, learning all I can before my time is up.
6) So far this year I have had no dreams whatsoever. Not one! When I go to sleep, I see blackness (obviously, my eyes are closed), and then I wake up. I used to have dreams about flying, and falling, and finding money on the street. Now I hardly remember any dreams I've had in 2009. Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe I forgot to write down my dreams somewhere and before I can tell anyone, I forget them. Oh well. The next time I have a dream, I promise I'll blog about it.
7) I'm concerned that I've been spending so much time on the computer these past several weeks blogging. I'm not spending enough time outdoors. I should get off my butt a lot more and do more tree-climbing. I may be a professional, but I don't do it so often as I used to because I've been to the tops of all the trees in my backyard already. They're all too easy. Anyway, I'm not sure that my concerns are that strong. I like blogging, and it feels good to write to people I don't know, and see what they think.
8) I love ice-cream, any kind, any place, any flavor. Except maybe if it were mud flavor. In my local Town Center, there's an ice-cream place that has a flavor called "Weston Mud". I think that's just a name though, I have yet to try it. Not that I'll try it that soon, because my mom every so often makes her own homemade, dairy-free, sugarless banana ice-cream that is the very best! Any occasion, birthdays, holidays, we have our homemade ice-cream. It's very cost-effective in this current economy anyway.
9) When I was little, and my sister and I would have races or competitions of some sort or other, whenever I was ahead of her, I would let her catch up to me so that we would tie. I wonder if that says anything about me. We are twins in case you didn't know, and I am the oldest one by only 4 minutes. Now that's not very much to go by, but sometimes I act like the eldest child in my family, rather than say, co-eldest. 
10) My last honest tidbit is that I am generally a very honest and truthful person. Of course I don't blab secrets or reveal anything that I would rather not share with the world, but I have a very strong "no-lying" policy. If I have nothing nice to say, I don't say it, but if someone deserves a compliment, I let 'em have it, most of the time. Plus in the way I write and speak, I'm usually very careful to think about what I'm about to say, so that I don't hurt anyone's feelings or say anything untrue. I avoid words like "always" and "never" whenever I can, except when I say things like "I'm always breathing." or "I'll never be able to turn my bicycle into porridge."

There. I am finally done writing this post! This is a huge one that took me about 5 days to complete. I had to choose very carefully about what to reveal here, and it wasn't very easy. You know, people can be very multi-faceted, and I am no exeption.

Okay, the Tagged Ones are:

Take your time with this, Tagged Ones, this is a very big challenge for anyone to undertake. The thing is to not be overly vague, include plenty of personal anecdotes. If you have any "skeletons in the closet" that you'd rather not let out, then don't, but the important thing is to just be honest.

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