My Doodle Collection #3

Hi-dee Ho! (Just something I came up with just now.) Welcome to my 3rd Doodle Collection! (Just look, don't touch. We wouldn't want your computer screen to be smudged up, now would we?)
---> This, if I do say so myself, is a very cute cartoon version of me that I made about a week ago. I know, I know, dots for eyes. I don't know how to draw eyes that look like mine, so I just made them dots. A good excuse as to why they are so tiny is that I'm a little nearsighted, so I need eyeglasses for when I'm driving or if I want to see something far away. Just a little tidbit I thought you might like to know.
<--- This big lug over here is an original of mine, drawn only a few days before "Sketcher Girl". At the time I was studying a book called "Drawing on the Funny Side of the Brain", and it was all about what the career of a cartoonist is like and how to make pretty good cartoons. Not that I want to be a cartoonist when I grow up, ("Hey Annette, keep those drawings coming, you've got a deadline, let's go, let's go!") but it was very fascinating to read about them. 

---> Over here is a doodle I made last summer. Why does it look so good? Because I copied it from a book, and I used blending tortillions on the background to give it soft look. The book that I copied this from was about how crazy the English language really is. It's called "Crazy English" by Richard Lederer. Check it out if you want a few laughs.

<--- I have no idea what to call this actually. I doodled this fish-like creature a looong time ago, in 2007. Oh my goodness! 2007?! How long it's been! *ahem* Moving on.

---> Finally, this last one was drawn in late August of '06. *shakes head in disbelief* It's a short strip about 2 clowns, one of them is a traffic officer, and as the lights change, so does the color of her nose. Yes, yes, the perspective is all wrong, the driver has a very environmentally-unfriendly vehicle, and the officer's nose is so small you can barely notice the effect, but hey, I was only 15 at the time. (Now that I think about it though, I was only about to turn 15, my birthday's in September after all.) Not that that's a good excuse, but still. I'm so glad I've gotten much better at drawing since then.

Well, I hoped you liked viewing some of my original works of doodling. In my next doodle-post, viewers will be able to look forward to some of my depictions of well-known cartoon characters. You'll just have to wait. Too bad.

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Rainy.Rani said...

Don't worry about giving ol' Fishy a name, the drawing is a drawing after all, it speaks for itself, and all your drawings are chattering away! (Sorry if I have not been on here for a while, life is interesting at this point for me, well, except for homework!)