Sweet Valentines Day!

1) This morning I presented my family with personal hand-made Valentine cards that I made myself. So much fun! I love making greeting cards for any holiday, because then it's an opportunity to exercise my creative and artistic muscles. I get better and better every year too at thinking up new design ideas.

2) Uploaded the 8th Leslie & Kyle show, "The Valentine's Day Special", to YouTube, where you can see it at your convenience, if you click on this link:
Enjoy watching it!

3) Spent all day at the beach. Getting sun. Hanging out. Reading my Tom Hopkins book. Ahhh.

4) For dinner my family went to an Italian restaurant for spaghetti and garlic bread. Nothing too fancy, just enough to make the night memorable. In the future we'll say, 
"Hey, remember when we had Italian food on Valentines Day?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Oh, no reason, I'm just saying remember when."
"Oh. We didn't have anything fancy, did we?"
"No, but we sure had a good time."
End of imaginary dialogue.

5) Tonight me and my sibs watched the movie "Meet Dave" (which was actually pretty, well, good, and not quite as pointless as I expected), and after that we stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live! I'm so glad we did! After a few unsatisfactory weeks, SNL has come up with some hilarious sketches! Alec Baldwin was awesome, the Jonas Brothers were such a highlight, and the great Dan Akroyd was in the introductary skit! My favorite part of this episode was when the Jonas Brothers were kicking Alec Baldwin out of the band! Alec suggested they be called the Donut Brothers. Didn't go over too well. Well, anyway, good night everyone, I need to get my forty winks now. Byeeee!


LouMac said...

Hey! Glad you had fun this Valentines. I checked out your puppet show and thought it was really good! I thought it was funny. You guys are a riot! My younger sibs liked it as well. Last night I watched a movie called "The Reign of Fire." It was really good. It had Matthew McConaughey in it! I love him!!!! Have you seen the Wedding Planner and Fool's Gold? I loved them! Although Matthew McConaughey didn't look too good in this movie. He was bald! Can you believe it? It was a good movie though. You should see it. Happy (late) Valentines Day!

Rainy.Rani said...

Yeah, the puppet show was great! I'll be waiting for the next show! Happy V-Day, even though it's a bit late!

Oh, and I finally did it. I made a blog. Be sure to check it out (please).


Tell me what you think!

Crowscious said...

Yes, I sometimes have meals like that with my friends.. nothin memorable but the idea itself you know :) Happy (belated) V-day. Didn't have any candy meself!