What did I do and why did I do it?????????
I wanted to remove a label from some of my posts, and what do I do? I delete the whole bunch of posts! D:
Now they are gone forever! And there is nothing to do about it! Is there? Can anyone please help me?
23 posts. Gone like the wind. Practically all my Leslie and Kyle show posts are gone, and my lists, and my experiences, and my dreams...
All that I wanted was to remove a label, and I remove the whole post! Is there anyone who can help me with my problem? Please! I pray for a miracle!

Edit: Okay, I've searched a bit around Google, and it seems the only way I can get a COUPLE of my posts back is by copying and pasting from Google Cache. You ever notice how when you search Google, the results have a couple links saying Cached and Similar Pages? Well if you click Cached, it shows your post just as you saw it in cache memory. only problem is, I got only a couple of my old posts back, and if I publish them they won't go back to their respective dates! Oh if only I can turn back the clock and stop myself from making such a stupid mouse click like that. Oh woe is me!

2nd Edit: Everyone, take a collective sigh of relief! (moment of sighing)
I believe I've got all my deleted posts back saved up in draft mode! All my memories, my experiences, are now safe, unpublished yes, but undeleted. What saved me was going through my sister's GoogleReader account and copying one by one the posts that she subscribed to. HUGE SHOUTOUT TO BETTINA FOR FOLLOWING ME!!!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
Learn from this cautionary tale, my dears: before you go off wanting to delete a label off of your blog posts, make sure you are not in fact deleting the entire post!!! At least this story has a happy ending for me. Peace out. Time to celebrate my dad's birthday.

P.S. Gee, what should I do with all my drafted rescued blog posts now?


Brian said...

Whew... That was a close one. How did they get deleted in the first place?

The Funny one said...

Well, I tried to delete a label off of every post the label showed up on, but instead I deleted every post that the label showed up on.

Stupid mistake. Take it from me, you do not want to know what it feels like to think that you have lost precious memories and experiences in a flash, as if they could simply be crumpled up and thrown in the bin like so much rubbish!

Rainy.Rani said...

Good thing you got them back, if you lost them forever it would have been horrible :)