Happiness is...

I feel so happy today! I decided to make a list of everything that I'm happy about in honor of my 5oth blog post. Some of the things I mention happened today, and others earlier this week. All of them made me happy, and I'd like to share my happiness with the web so everyone can have a sample.

Happiness is...
  • A couple hours in Borders and salad wraps for lunch (homemade).
  • Walking through "Home Depot" and opening all the drawers in the kitchen section (and reading the names on color swatches).
  • Finding a few pretty looking tops, trying them on, and putting them back.
  • Opening greeting cards with songs in them
  • Driving home to "Motown" (I got a "remixed" album from the library). 
  • Reading music and playing the recorder. (It's not just for kids, you know.)
  • Writing an original short story.
  • Thinking that you're thinking of something that no one else is thinking about. (e.g. What if someone tried watering plants with orange juice?)
  • Remembering a great movie I watched and playing back the best parts in my head. (For example, "Coraline"!)
  • Taking a walk early in the morning.
  • Working at something I believe in.
  • My hamster scurrying around my bedroom floor with the door closed. 
  • Listening to the iPod on a cool, cloudy, breezy day.
  • Dinner with family.
  • Listing things to be happy about.
  • Writing your 50th blog post!
It's fun when you don't have a particular reason to be happy, yet you're happy anyway. I don't care if this feeling goes away tomorrow, as long as I don't forget about the things that make me happy.