Improv Class #Seven

Yesterday's Improv class was a lot of fun. It was the night after April Fool's Day, and when Adam, Bettina, and I got there, we arrived like 5 minutes early, and so we talked with other kids about how their April Fool's Day went. Sammy said that someone fooled him with this gag: "Tarantula in your hair!" "Whatthe..." "April Fool!" 
He also said that he was tricked by Google's April Fool's Day prank, the Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed Intelligence Entity (a.k.a. CADIE). It's a shame that CADIE had to shut down her blog after one day.

Robin had a bunch of great games. The first thing everyone did was write on a piece of paper a couple of pet peeves, things that annoy them, for a game we'd play later on. Then we played a kind of tag-like physical game which I didn't quite understand, but it was a short game anyway. We also played a slow-motion samurai game, where your arm is your sword, and you need to strike someone above the waist, and if you get touched by someone elses "sword", you have to dramatically "die", which is pretty fun.

After that, Robin went over all the things we learned at Improv class, and all the rules like: respect your performers and treat them as if they were artists or geniuses; move to the front of the stage if you want to get attention, but only if it will move the scene forward; there are no mistakes, the audience doesn't know wrong from right; and try to keep a straight face while in action, if the performer laughs, it takes the laughter away from the audience.

Then we played a game with those pet peeves written on pieces of paper, 2-people scenes in which 2 characters have a bunch of papers in their pocket, and they have an argument about something, and when they run out of ideas, they pick up a prompt from their pocket and continue in that vein. I played this game, and I pretended to be a gardener at Buckingham Palace not letting someone in to see the queen. I said things like "I hate bugs," and "when people call girls 'guys,'" and "when people talk to you and they have bad breath". These are all other people's pet peeves, not mine. Later on my pet peeves came up in someone else's argument; "I hate when people get me and my sister mixed up,"and "I hate roller coaster lines."

Last of all, we played old reliable: The Bachelor game. It's a dating show, and 4 people take on different characters, and the person who wants a date has to figure out who each character is supposed to be. I was a muscly-man. To play the part, I imagined having a deep voice like "the Rock" or Ah-nold. When asked what my favorite thing to do is, I replied "I like to admire myself in the mirror and flex my muscles. This one is Frank (pointing to one arm muscle) and this one is Joey (pointing to the other one)." I suppose I played a heavy stereotype, but I had fun, and I'll try to be more original next time.

Speaking of which, we won't have another Improv class for another two weeks, to make way for Passover (seeing as the class takes place in a Hebrew school, after all), and so the next class won't be until April 23, so now my Thursdays are pretty much free now!

P.S. This has little to do with Improv class, but I just wanted to share that our Leslie and Kyle April Fool's episode's got about 70 views now! I insist that you check it out.

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