Pre-Halloween Highs (and then after candy, big low)

Whoa, I am so tired! My mom and my sibs went to this huge party at the park, and we all got dressed up!
I dressed up as a makeshift Indiana Jones,

Bettina went as Michael Jackson (come back from the dead),
and my brother Adam (I saved the best for last,) went as Edward Scissorhands!

His costume was so great! People everywhere, especially grown-ups, would point and say, "Look! It's Edward Scissorhands! Hi Edward!" and my brother would wave and be all smiley, and show off his cardboard blades with pride.

It was a HUGE party; thousands of people showed up, most all the kids were in costume, and some parents/grown-ups were too. I love mingling with characters of all sorts during Halloween to-dos. I saw many princesses and pirates, Buzz Lightyears and Transformers, pumpkins and cats, clowns, even a couple more Kings of Pop, (although I do think my sister had on a better Michael Jackson than the others had. I'm biased.) The most creative looking costumes I saw besides my own family was a girl dressed in huge polka-dots and with a Twister spinning board on her head (I call her "Twister Girl") and a successful punky looking girl with a cool Mohawk!

There was candy gathering, loud music, and tons people. What more could I ask for? Adam kept getting asked to pose for pictures by complete strangers! How cool is that? I am so very proud of him! We spent about 2 hours at that party, dancing and eating candy and having a great time. Then the tiredness sunk in.............

I just can't believe it. I only ate seven pieces of candy. SEVEN! And I feel soooooo daaaaaamn tiiiiiiiiired!!!!!!!! I need a lie-down! It was hot in my Indiana Jones jacket.

Another thing; every Friday since about early September, Adam, Bettina and I have been learning new songs and performing them so as to build up our own individual repertoires. Tonight, I was supposed to do the Michael Jackson song "Thriller", in honor of the scariest holiday of the year, but I just don't have the energy to do the song and dance. What a shame. Doesn't really matter though, we post-poned the whole thing until the night of November 1. Tonight my parents are at a Halloween party of their own, adults-only. Benny is going as Captain Hook, and Shira's dressed as Tinker Bell. They made a great looking dressed-up couple.

That's all I have to say for now. I'll report back tomorrow with some more candy/costume-related news. Goodnight, your moment is in.

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Rainy said...

I love your costumes, and I gotta admit, Adam's is the best! He should be taller though.... :)