Hallowe'en (looks cooler with a comma)

Before I talk about my day today, I just wanted to treat you to some cool pics of all my costumes from Halloweens past. (Click on the icons to get a better look of me and my sister Bettina.)

(This is only a semi-complete series of costumes; when I was six I dressed as a Dalmatian puppy. Oh that was so many years ago...Where is that picture?)

You don't know how long it took me to put this entire thing together! So many links....

Anyway, tonight my family went to two parties, and Bettina and I dressed up as hippies, as you can see below.

The first party was in the late afternoon, and the second one was in the evening. Both parties had costume contests, and Adam entered as Edward Scissorhands both times. At the second party, Adam won the grand prize of a $25 Wal-mart gift card! Now he can go shop till he drops!

I'm happy to say I'm not as drowsy as I was yesterday after eating a bunch of candy, but I'll have to admit I've completely satisfied my chocolate cravings enough to last me the whole year, until next October.

Yakko: "And the moral of today's story is: Brush your teeth after every meal. This moral brought to you by the American Dental Association"

I just had to borrow this quote from one of those "Wheel of Morality" skits from "Animaniacs". It's just so appropriate.

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Rainy said...

You guys have some awesome costumes! I suppose it runs in the family.