Notes from my Notebook

Hey, I got some great news! You know how I leave off writing my blog for a few days and I forget all the things that happened to me and my good times go to memory-limbo? Well not anymore! While he was here, my uncle Danny (who left on the 10th) gave me and Bettina new notebooks as gifts, and I've been writing in mine every single day since the 7th. Now I can write down all my cool updates!

Okay, books read since I last wrote:
  • "The Magicians Elephant" by Kate DiCamillo (Another instant classic from the author of "The Tale of Despereaux")
  • "The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment" by A.J. Jacobs (I highly recommend this one, it's a short read about a guy who does all these real and life-changing experiments such as being honest all the time, outsourcing his day-to-day life to India, spending several hours disguised as a semi-famous movie star at the Oscars and having fame thrust upon him, etc. etc...)
  • "The Secret of the Secret" by Karen Kelly (I'm currently reading this book now.)
Movies, T.V. shows, and everything else watchable:

  • "Wild Wild West", a big-budget blockbuster starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline, but such a terrible flop that I spent the whole movie wishing that it was never made at all! I absolutely hated this movie; the characters were shallow and predictable (not to mention the villain was quite a freaky character), it's portrayal of women is downright shameful (not to mention the men dressing up as women), and gun fights and stupid puns abound! There are no redeeming values in this movie, except for the fact that if it weren't for stink-bombs such as these, I wouldn't be able to tell what the good films are. And I know! Luckily I'm still a big fan of Will Smith, but I wouldn't recommend you watching "Wild Wild West" if you value your time.
  • On YouTube, discovered a really great "Simpsons" episode with Michael Jackson as a guest voice! It's called "Stark Raving Dad", and it's funny!
  • "SNL" with host Drew Barrymore. I don't know about the shows new season for the past few weeks, but the Oct. 10th episode was an absolute winner for me!
  • "Sense and Sensibility", starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant, and Alan Rickman. A wonderful flick from 1995, and based on a Jane Austen novel of the same name. It's such a good story, I'll have to check out the book for a fair comparison.
  • A series of videos on YouTube of Michael Jackson showing old home-movies of his. So good! Here's the link to the first clip out of eleven: If you watch this from part 1 to 11, it's about 80 minutes in total, so it's as if you're watching a whole TV special without all the commercials! Watch it and see a whole different side of the King of Pop!
  • "Fame", the original movie from 1980, not the remake of 2009. It's a pretty good film; my mom recommended it, and we saw the movie with her. I liked it, there were some pretty intense parts, but I loved the drama, the music, and the dancing! I hope that the remake can compare in some way to the original, otherwise what's the point?
  • "30 Rock" Season 1. Love it as much as I did watching the 2nd season in Boston this summer.
Well, that's all for now! Catch you later!

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Rainy said...

I have a copy of "Sense and Sensibility." I haven't seen the movie, but I haven't read the book yet either >.< I really need to get around doing that.