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Even if I somehow manage to write a little something in my blog everyday like I did last night, I think I should still enter NaNoWriMo. I think it would be great fun for me to do with Bettina, writing stories super quick. Alright, now for my report on yesterday:

In the morning we went shopping at Best Buy to get me a brand new Wacom graphic tablet!
Ever since I've been watching behind-the-scenes featurettes on animated movies, I've wanted a graphic tablet just like the pros! I was very excited to try it out when we returned home, but after I installed the necessary driver and plugged the hardware in, I couldn't get the tablet to draw at first! I was disheartened, and quick to complain. My dad however, in his infinite patience, reminded me that this is my first time using a graphic tablet and I shouldn't expect to know everything about it right away. So after walking away for a breather, I came back and tried the tablet out again. Instead of just sweeping over the tablet with my fingers (it's a touch-tablet, no pen required), I tapped it twice, and after the second tap, I could draw a line! Even though I had success, I was humbled. Why do I always have to be a pro first time I try something? Is it because I'm insecure? Do I need to be the best and be ahead of everyone else? Because last time I checked, I was still only human. Perfectionism. It's my blessing, and my curse.

Later on in the afternoon I had a really good time with uncle Danny, because we went outside to paint watercolors, just the two of us! We tried painting the landscape of my neighbor's backyard, but it was too ambitious of a project for me, what with the water and clouds and trees. I just painted something from my imagination rather than what was right in front of me. To see my painting, here's a link to my art blog. Danny did a pretty good landscape himself. We both complimented each other's paintings, and both of us thought our own paintings were bad. It's nice to know a fellow painter who understands. Of course my uncle is a practicing child psychiatrist, so it only helps to boost his empathy levels.

Fast forward to evening when we all attended a special Weston Art showcase at the Hyatt hotel near our neighborhood. There were some wonderful paintings, collages, and booths advertising for art classes around the city. I noticed the watercolor paintings the most, but every piece of art was fabulous! There was also live music with Tony Orlando (who sang "Dance with Me", "Dancing in the Moonlight", and "Still the One"). After we got back home, Danny and I watched a DVD I took out from the library about watercolor painting. It was really good, and it was hosted by an artist named Frank Clarke.

That's it. Later on I'll write about today. Toodle-oo!

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