In Loving Memory of Hazel the Hamster

Yesterday, after watching Roman Holiday, we were shocked to discover that our beloved hamster Hazel had died. Just that morning I noticed that she was sleeping more than usual, and breathing fine. But it wasn't to last. Adam wanted to take her out to play, but she felt limp and still. I'll spare the gruesome details, but I'll tell you that Adam was very upset. He thought it was his fault because he didn't feed her often enough, but the problem with that theory was her food bowl still had a good amount of food left. Me and my sister assured him that it was nobody's fault, and that it was simply her time to go. Our parents were out for the night, so we had to tell them the bad news this morning. Our mom Shira was very sad. She used to feed Hazel fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts and spouts almost every day. She said that Hazel was her favorite hamster that we ever owned. I agree completely. This morning I wrote a heart-felt poem to read at Hazel's funeral. You can read it below.

Dear Hazel,

I'm sorry that you had to go.
Where did you go?
Who's to know?
Did you know I loved you so?

With your big bright eyes and perky ears, I thought you had a few more years.
I hope you didn't suffer, just knew it was the end.
You know there's nothing tougher than losing a furry friend.

Thank you for being our pet. You're one I won't forget.
You made us smile. You had such style.

Now you're gone, but I'll move on.

I'm sorry that you had to die.
Who can say why?
Now you will lie
in peace.

Goodbye girl.
Love, Annette.

Hazel: bought Sept. 26, 2007 ~ died June 17, 2009

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Rainy.Rani said...

I'm sooo sorry Annette! Hazel sounded so sweet! I'm sure she was loved alot. I bet she had a good life. And that was a beautiful poem you wrote for her. And now she won't be forgotten.

And be sure to tell Adam that it wasn't his fault she died. Not if he really loved her and cared about her, and by what you wrote, he seemed to have. I'm so sorry!