Father's Day post

I am so happy that today turned out to be so wonderful. I am so lucky to have a father like my Benny, because he is the best dad ever! This morning, as per usual on special occasions, my family had a bountiful breakfast of fruit and pancakes! Then me and my sibs presented our father with homemade cards that he read with pride and love. Want to see 'em? Here they are!
First there is my card, then Bettina's, then Adam's. Anyway, along with cards, us kids got our dad a brand new pen as a gift. Nothing too fancy, just a little something something he can have practical use for (you know, all the bills and checks he has to sign ^,^ lol).

We had decided that since today was a Sunday, we'd go to the beach as usual, even though the weather didn't look very sunny. We've weathered some bad storms on our beach in the past, and besides, this weekend was the last one me and my sister spent on the beach until we come back from our Boston trip, so we wanted to make the most of it. It started out as a pretty good beach day, even though there was gray clouds overhead. You ever get those kind of clouds that look stormy, but it doesn't rain for a couple hours? Those are the kind that we got, and it was nice because with the sun behind all those clouds, there was no chance of getting burned. The Atlantic Ocean was pleasantly warm on Father's Day. Warm like a relaxing bath.
At one point word got around that a kid found a bunch of starfish somewhere, so we swam over and, lo and behold, about 6 or 7 starfish, ranging in size from a tennis ball to a dinner-plate, were floating around the sandbar floor! (This picture is similar to one of the big ones we saw.) We picked them up and examined them, but after handling them for a few minutes, some woman came over and told us not to take the starfish out of the water or handle them so much, otherwise they could die! Well, I don't want a dead starfish on my conscience, so I let them alone, and observed them underwater at a short distance.

Soooooooo, after swimming, and having something to eat, I decided to just lie down, and get a rain-tan (at that point little random drops of moisture were coming down one at a time almost unnoticeably). Then when the drizzle really started, we started to pack it up and quit while we're ahead. Funny enough, earlier when my dad parked the car the beach parking lot was full, so he had to park far away, and now that it was raining he had to go out into the wet and get the car for us. Adam volunteered to go with him, and me, Bettina, and Shira stayed dry in a tunnel that goes under the traffic next to the beach. It was very exciting and scary, because along with lots and lots of rain now (you know how fast storms can pick up, right?) there was also thunder and lightning! I forget how to do the trick where you calculate how far away the lightning is by counting the seconds between it and the thunder it makes, but I think it was safe to assume that the bolts were far away from us. It gave us a heck of a show though. We had to wait quite a while until Benny and Adam came around with the car, and when they finally came, we hailed them as our heroes! What an adventure they must have had while we were safe and dry! (Well, maybe not totally dry, the water level was starting to come up to our ankles, making it seem like some disaster movie in slow motion.)

Funny enough, as we drove, the weather started to turn bright again, as if it hadn't rained at all! (Although anyone could plainly tell by all the puddles in the roads that it had clearly been a down pour.) We decided not to waste the fine weather, so we parked at a new beach that we've never stopped at before. We payed the parking meter $1 for one hour on that beach, and we lay out the blanket, brought out the picnic, and enjoyed the sunshine. Adam went swimming, like he usually does. We watched a couple guys playing catch football together, and one of them was good-looking, so what's a girl to do? I had a lot of fun hanging out at that beach, and it made me realize that our family had been going to the same beach for so long that any other beach was like a novelty! Anyway, long story short, all of a sudden, our beach umbrella turned inside-out from a gust of wind, and we decided to pack it up anyway. We saw that the time we spent on the beach was almost exactly one hour! Talk about divine timing! We didn't even think of going until the umbrella went inside-out!

Fast-Forward to after we got back home:>> I had read more of my book, Jane Eyre (which I'm 30 pages away from finishing), and we tried getting Skype to work on our computer so we'd be able to keep in touch with our family in Boston, but when we call each other the sound doesn't work too well (maybe we need new microphones). Benny decided to watch a movie with us kids, so we saw the 5th volume of the Beatles Anthology set. We learned all about how they played in Shea Stadium, and toured Japan, and met Elvis Presley, and put out their revolutionary new albums, Rubber Soul and Revolver. It was great fun, because whenever the Beatles played a song, we'd sing along with them.

Just think, in about 36 hours I'll be at the airport waiting for my next adventure to arrive!


Rainy.Rani said...

Sounds like you had fun! It's too bad the rain had to ruin the fun... the starfish must have been great, I think that's so cool, how there's a star under the sea and up over in space. Have fun at Boston!

Silvergal said...

I loved your description of our day today, it really was magical...