Toastmaster Speech #3: Wikipedia

To anyone who follows my blog and enjoys reading about me and my life, I'm sorry for being so quiet. It's a procrastination issue. Something always comes up and I tell myself, "Okay, I'll definitely blog about this," but then before I know it, the moment's gone and I'm off to do something else. Anyway, while I'm here I'll make the most of this post, so without further ado, here is a long overdue video of me delivering my third Toastmaster speech, on Tuesday, March 30. It's all about Wikipedia and the different parts that make up an article.

I wrote out this speech word-for-word in a matter of days and memorized it the day before and the morning of the Toastmasters meeting, but for some strange reason, in the middle of my speech, I freeze! I just completely lost my train of thought and forgot what I was supposed to say next! Thinking fast (although not quite that fast), I went right on to the next part of my speech and the rest of my speech went on without another hitch. I went a little over the standard 5-7 minute time-limit, but it was only by about 15 seconds or so.
Here's a video of the evaluation I got afterwards:
The evaluator's name is Tony Vivaldi. He's a very accomplished and distinguished Toastmaster member, and he doesn't always show up at meetings, so it was a treat having him evaluate me and give me such great speaking advice. He talks with a heavy accent, but I can still understand him enough to know what his main points are. After the meeting was adjourned he gave me a few other important tips, and he remarked on how much my sister and I have improved in our public speaking skills.
I hope that I can somehow continue posting on my blog without leaving gaping 2-3 week gaps between posts. Same goes for my Art Blog. I want to remember to post things up for posterity so I don't forget that certain things happened.


Rainy said...

Wiki! Random but cool topic.
Despite the freeze, you're getting better with the speeches.
I love Wiki.

Jolene said...

This is such a cool idea! Even if you don't blog as much as you'd like, you'll be able to look back when you're a CC (and an AC, and a DTM :):)) and watch yourself develop :) If it's okay, I'm going to follow your blog, so I can see too!
Go you!
Jolene :)
(New Zealand Toastmaster & blogger)