"Early History of Animation", Speech #4

Last week I did my 4th speech for Toastmasters. The objective of the presentation was to focus on the words I use to get my point across, by using good grammar, rhetorical devices, and simple language (technical terms and jargon are discouraged). The subject I chose was the history of animation during the early 20th century. Can you imagine that for over a century people have been fascinated by pictures that move and drawings that come to life? Watch my speech to learn more!
Next here is the evaluation I got from fellow Toastmaster, Jorge. He tells me that he learned a lot from my speech and that I did a good job delivering it, but I still need to improve on my posture and vocal variety.
For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple early animated shorts that I discuss in my speech, created by the "Father of American Animation", James Stuart Blackton. Though they are brief, they are charming and quaint, and they make you appreciate how far the art form of animation has come since then.


Silvergal said...

I am so very proud of you! You are becoming such a wonderful speaker...great job!

Rainy said...

Haha, nice speech. Cool videos too. They're classic!