Freakazoid Fan.

Who is this wacky blue guy in a red suit? His name is Freakazoid, and he had a show that lasted from Sept. 1995 to Jun. 1997, produced by the great Steven Spielberg (who also has under his belt "Animaniacs" and "Pinky and the Brain", two other cartoon shows that rock my world).

Freakazoid is in the superhero genre of cartoons, but it's mixed with heavy levels of meta-humor and slapstick-comedy. I love it!

The cast of Freakazoid includes many voice actors from "Animaniacs" such as Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche, and Frank Welker (don't worry about knowing who these people are, if you want to learn more go to Wikipedia or something), Joe Leahy as the very vocal narrator, and Paul Rugg as the titular main character, plus great acting legends Edward Asner and Ricardo Montalban.

Sadly, the whole show consists of only 24 episodes, all of which I found on YouTube this year. Just like "Animaniacs", "Freakazoid" was cancelled because it couldn't find the right audience. Blame the WB Kids Network people.

To honor the show, I posted a drawing of Freakazoid in a few poses on my Art Blog, so check it out!

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