Baby It's Cold Outside!

I live in South Florida, home of one of the mildest winter climates in the country. This year I've experienced 34 degree nights and 37 degree days, for the first time ever without taking a trip north anywhere! It's so cold today, I'm wearing 2 pairs of pants! One on top of the other! Honestly! And I'm getting cabin-fever from sitting inside all day!

Well, actually, it's kinda nice spending Sunday at home, watching "Phineas and Ferb", reading "Dean and Me" (a wonderful autobiography from the great Jerry Lewis himself), and eating nice hot oatmeal. I feel so cozy and relaxed. *sigh satisfyingly*
Oh, another thing, Adam found this Billiards game online that's totally addicting, and everyone except my mom is going through this phase. O.o

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