2nd Toastmaster speech

Before I officially begin this post, I just want to say that since last post everything's all right "musical-play"-wise. Bettina and I had a great time at our first rehearsal and we met about a dozen new people. We sang, we danced, and we did fun warm-ups for about 2 hours and that was it. Until next Saturday.

Anyway...Today I gave my second ever Toastmaster speech! I'm happy to say that I came more prepared and that I was a lot more confident on the morning of, as opposed to last time when I was FREAKING OUT MON! This time I had it all figured out and I had memories of how easy giving a speech really was in front of my group. Bettina and I came half an hour early to spend some time with our Toastmasters mentor, Angela. She gave us some excellent tips to improve our body language and eye contact with the audience. Sometimes when I speak, I shift my weight from one foot to the other when I'm standing up. You can tell I feel nervous just by that action. In the video below, I still do a bit of weight-shifting, but not as much as I would've otherwise. Check it out.
I appreciate all those who helped me with my speech this week and all those who are helping me become a better public speaking person, from my family to everyone in my club. This is a shout out to them. THANKS EVERYONE!


Rainy said...

That was pretty good! I wouldn't say you were nervous at all, you seemed to be pretty confident. Maybe that was because you were talking about something you really love, and are really good at!

Anonymous said...

Your second speech made me smile & remember your attention to details, even as a very little girl. Your informative , creative & stimulating talk made me want to rush to a gallery or museum, to see what other artists are doing.
Your own art is taking you to new hights..even your doodles are "out of the box". It's wonderful that you're teaching your brother, Adam, to also ..take a chance!!