Another one of those New Year posts

I've got so many wonderful stories to share I hardly know where to start! It would take too long for me to figure out how to tell everything without getting into too much detail, because every detail is important, but I can list the incredible highlights from New Year's Eve to the end of New Year's Day:
  • Spent the afternoon of Dec. 31 at the beach with my 2 favorite guys in the world: my brother Adam and my dad Benny. We swam, chatted, played Paddle-ball, and ordered a pizza that never came!
  • Baby-sat for a friend of a friend on New Year's Eve. All three of us, Bettina, Adam, and I, were hired to take care of 4 kids: a boy/girl twin set (3 & 1/2 years old), and 2 older sisters (one 7, the other 10). We filled up juice-cups, changed diapers, watched our very own "Leslie and Kyle" webshow on their computer (the kids loved it), and saw the ball drop on TV. The older sisters were a great help with translating for their younger siblings, and we had an easy time with everyone because they were so well-behaved. We slept-over and the next day we made breakfast for everyone, and watched a movie until mom came back at 1:00 PM the next day. What a way to start 2010! ^_^
  • After we got paid (for babysitting 18 hours), I drove myself and my crew all the way back home so we could get ready for a New Year's Day party at a friends' house. They're Japanese-American, so there's always some great Asian party foods to sample. My family brought vegan sushi to the table. There was a lot of kids at the party, and we all had a great time playing "Rock-Band" and "Wii Sports" in the game-room.
That's all I can give you. Enough reminiscing for me. Time to start getting back to work!


Rainy said...

I hope you guys didn't end up starving since the pizza didn't come ;)

Rainy said...

And nice background!