I'm Back! (From Hiatus)

Where have I been these past coupla weeks while you've been thinking in that stashed away corner of your mind that I live in, "Where in the world is Annette and why isn't she posting any new artwork or witty samplings of her fascinating life?" I've been in Boston again.
I didn't want to share online that me and my family had been away from home for 2 weeks; you never can tell what kind of creep or innocent person in a strange predicament can find out from you if you upload every single secret goings-on of yours.

Anyway, here I am, back at a computer, where I can finally let the cat out of the proverbial bag and present a venerable fountain of mildly interesting anecdotes from me and my family's travels in the great capital of Massachusetts. Hopefully you've read about me and my sister's adventures in the apartment in July, and if not, don't worry about knowing what I'm talking about. This is mostly for my own benefit you know. It's so unlike me, but I haven't been journaling in any way, shape, or form for this whole fortnight, online or in some blank pages of a notebook, and I fear my memories are stirring restlessly and if I don't set them up straight and neat they might leave me! So, here is a mess of memories as organized as I could make it, no day-to-day details, but flavors of fond moments with my whole family or just me and my dear sibs.
Road trip fun in the yellow bug, pizza places, Ben and Jerry's ice-cream, Reservoir walks, 2nd season of "30 Rock", Faneuil Hall, feeding squirrels and pigeons in the Public Gardens, 1st DVD volume of 22 "Pinky and the Brain" episodes, the Arnold Arboretum (again, only it was sunny this time around), September 1st and all the free curb-side treasures you can find (mattresses galore and other cool stuff), visit to the fenced in hospital in Walden where me and my sister were born 18 years ago,"Eat, Pray, Love" on the trip back, stopping at my dad's friend Efi's house and hanging with Efi's daughter, Olivia (who's a cool girl, btw), Adam performing a spontaneous Elvis number in "Timpanos" backed by a live band, and finally, listening to Paul McCartneys best "Wings" hits to keep us awake during night-driving!

Confusing as this may look, simply reading through the preceding paragraph will, for me, bring me right back to this wonderful 14-day period of my life and flood me with wonderful memories.

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday. Yippee! I went on a walk with my family tonight and I mostly talked with my dad about my future as an adult. I feel I must find some kind of purpose to dedicate myself to, a cause, a service I can provide for other people that only I can give. I'll write some more tomorrow to tell you how my big day went.

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Rainy said...

Didn't expect that! I've got to visit Boston someday, as soon as I get a car I'm taking a big trip across America! At least, I want to. . .

Happy Birthday! Again! (I left a comment on your last post)