The best birthday gift of all!

This post is dedicated to my dad, Benny, who is the best guy ever!

Today he was browsing on Craigslist, and he found this awesome 15" screen Sony VAIO laptop that runs Windows Vista! How much was it? A negotiable $280! The ad came right from our neighborhood, so my dad called up the guy who advertised and asked to come over and see the computer. Me and my sibs decided to join our dad on the walk to the guys' house, to watch and learn how he "works his magic".

We spent about an hour at the guys' house, verifying that all the features on the machine worked. You know, standard: Does it go on the internet? Does it play DVDs? Does it shut off and restart without any problem? One can't just buy a computer from some stranger without first making sure that everything works.
Finally, when we were satisfied that everthing was in good order, Benny offered $250 for the Sony VAIO. The guy accepted! He pretty much had to accept, given how much time we spent waiting for him to download the right codecs and plugins and getting an internet connection going so he could prove it goes online.

Now, we've got a brand-new computer, just what me and Bettina wanted for our birthday!

Because the new computer runs Vista, I'll be able to use a graphic tablet on it for my Photoshop artwork! I saw some WACOM models in Best Buy for $100 to $200. Instead of having Benny buy it for me, I'd like to get it using money that I earn. Now how I'll earn it is another story altogether. I'm still working that part out. I'm thinking of being a computer tutor for senior citizens. I can show grandparent how to send emails to their grandkids and how to adjust settings so it's easier for them to see and hear their computers. There's a good market for it, and I'm patient, tutoring pays well. Now if I can just get myself started...

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Rainy said...

That's awesome! And here I am using this big old box computer of mine.