I Love Me Some Good Entertainment!

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of watching, with my mom and sibs, one of the most wonderful romances of our time, "The Notebook". Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, this story has it all; phenomanal acting (Rachel McAdams plays as the fantastic female lead, Allie), a nicely paced plot, a riveting story, and true-to-life characters. I love well-done romance stories, because they make me believe that anything is possible. Even if you love someone who is in a different social class, and you don't see them again for years and years, you can still pick up where you left off if the love is strong enough. The guy, Noah, as an older man, had to live with his wife suffering from dementia, she couldn't remember who he was, but he still loved her, and she him. This movie had such beautiful moments too; in one part Noah and Allie are just dancing at night in the middle of a street, and in another part, the couple is rowing on a lake covered with white geese, and the birds don't fly away. This movie was also a very sad story, because Allie's parents, especially her mother, did not approve of the relationship, and she kept the 365 letters that Noah wrote away from her daughter. How mean! There were other parts that made my mom cry. Strangely, I didn't cry, because I usually do if the story's really good and it makes me feel for the characters. In any case, if you like epic romances, then you should see "The Notebook", unless of course you've seen it already, in which case you know what I'm talking about.

Also, I wanted to rant about an excellent book that I read entitled "In His Own Write", by John Lennon. It is a collection of simply strange and wonderful poems, short stories, and doodles by the former Beatle! I loved reading this book, first of all, because it was small. It's a volume one could easily finish in about an hour, probably less given motivation. Secondly, the illustrations, the doodles John Lennon includes can only be described by me as dream-like. There's one with a woman flying over a desert or something, and another one with a man surrounded by strange, different-sized birds perching on him. Last of all, I enjoyed "In His Own Write" because of John's unique language and vocabulary that metaphorically throws the dictionary out the window. One of his stories start out like this:
"One fat morning Eric Hearble wake up with an abnorman fat growth a bombly on his head. 'Oh crumb,' said Eric Hearble, who was a very very, surprised."
No, you're reading that correctly. John Lennon mispells, rearranges, and sticks in words whenever and wherever he darn well pleases. It's his book, isn't it? His writing style is reminiscent of that of Lewis Carrol, or even Dr. Seuss. I believe that "In His Own Write" should be required reading in elementary schools everywhere, so the children can laugh and laugh at the nonsensical writings of the great imaginer himself, John Lennon.

Oh, and as an afterthought, I stayed up late to see the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report, two comedy news-shows that I absolutely love. How is it that the writers are so clever that they make the current health-care debacle, the wild town-hall meetings, and the still ever-growing concern of the environment's well-being, laughable matters?

Oh yes, I do love me some good entertainment!

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