Status Report

Here's a list of things that have been happening with me lately.

1. One of my computers got attacked by a nasty virus, so now it doesn't connect to the Internet. Luckily the hard drive is still intact, so all the files and stuff are safe. To blog I have to use this other slower laptop that has Internet, but is a bit of a pain to use. Well I should be thankful for what I have rather than moping about what I don't have I guess.

2. I've taught my siblings how to sing the "Animaniacs President Song", so now I am a master of world geography, American geography, and American history! Thanks Warners! (Speaking of which, it would seem as if I have passed over my "Animaniacs" phase. But no matter what, I still think that show is the best thing since "Seinfeld".
  • Which I've seen in it's entirety. 9 seasons! Saw it all on DVDs in 2007. It's just a little thing I do.
3. Ever hear of the magic duo by the names of Penn and Teller? One's a big guy who does all the talking and the other's a short guy who doesn't say much. Together they have a magic act that is as comedic as it is baffling! In 1992 they did this PBS show called "Behind The Scenes", and it was a ten-part series that taught kids about different forms of art (painting, music, dancing, theater, sculpture, even photography) in a light, entertaining, Sesame Street-esque way and introduced some professionals in the field. Guest stars include Matt Groening, Bobby McFerrin, the Blue Man group, and one of William Wegman's weimariner dogs. Look the show up on Google or something. It's pretty cool!

4. Lately I took out a DVD from the library that was a beginner's voice lesson, and me, my sibs, and my dad all watched it together. It was pretty good at first, because it had some pretty good excersises, like yawning, and making crazy sound while stretching, and practicing full vocal range by doing a siren-like noise from the lowest note you can do to the highest. After that, it taught how to distinguish each of the notes on the major scale (instead of naming the notes "Do Re Mi", they're just 1 to 8) and then we learned how to recognise the different intervals. Then the host started singing these unfamiliar songs that made me feel so sad, like "Ah Poor Bird", and "Deep Blue Sea". They make no sense! (Here are both sets of lyrics in small print so they won't be too much of a bother.)

Ah poor bird, take your flight,
far above the shadows of this sad night

Deep blue sea, darling, Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea, darling, Deep blue sea
Deep blue sea, darling, Deep blue sea
It was Willy what got drown'ded,
in the deep blue sea.

You see? Absolutely pointless! My dad said he felt the same way about songs like "It's Raining, It's Pouring", because as a kid, he felt sorry for the old man who bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

5. Today me and my siblings saw for the first time "The Simpsons Movie". How did I like it? Well let me put it this way: It was well done, considering the following:
  • It's based on an animated TV show which anyone can see for free.
  • The humor is adult-oriented, meaning if I had seen it at any other time in the past I might not have appreciated it.
  • The plot a bit far-fetched, but aren't most movies like that anyway?
In other words, I respect the many people who put together the Simpsons Movie and made it possible, and I must admit that I laughed and enjoyed watching it. The animation was good, and the hype that it got 2 years ago when it was released was definitely called for. I remember at the time I thought it was a stupid idea for a stupid show. I still think that the Simpsons are stupid, but I can at least acknoledge the cleverness of its stupidity. Feel free to scratch your head and go "huh?"

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