Speech Number 5: Peace in the Desert.

Today I gave my 5th ever Toastmaster Speech! The basic manual has 10 speech projects in it altogether, so this means I am halfway there to attaining the rank of "Competent Communicator".
Objective: To use body language, gestures and facial expression to enhance the delivery of my speech.
Topic: A story of my first-hand experience camping out in the Negev Desert during the 10-day tour of Israel Bettina and I took in late May 2010. The underlying message of my story is that it's important to find quiet in our lives, and appreciate it when we have it.
Time Range: 5-7 minutes.
Video Record of my speech:

Video Record of my evaluation:

Compared to my previous 4 speeches, I'd say this presentation was my best. Still I have some improvements to make; I notice myself pacing back and forth unnecessarily when I could just be still, and towards the end I was getting a bit out-of-breath, losing steam so to speak. Plus, as my evaluator Salena said, I focused on one side of the room more than the other, so I need work on improving better eye-contact. These are all rungs on the ladder that will get me to being a better and more confident public-speaker!

Some extra news: Since the beginning of July, I became the Vice-President of Membership at my club. Yeah, for real; members voted, and they made me an officer. I'm now in charge of finding new members and also making sure our current members keep coming to meetings, which turns out to be a bit of a challenge during the summer. Still, it's a fun job.

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Rainy said...

Good to finally hear about your adventures in Israel! What I'd do for 15 minutes of peace.

As for your objective, I think it was well met.

You told of your experience with such rich detail, it really was your best speech yet. Congrats on being VP.