Launching of Serve-A-Verse: A Triumph

This past week, Benny, Bettina and I have been working extra hard on a project we've been working on for months and months: revamping our Serve-A-Verse website's design layout and building a system that keeps a database of all registered users.

In the process, we've added many more useful features, become multi-lingual in a handful of computer languages such as HTML, CSS, Perl, and PHP, gained competence in using programs in the Adobe CS4 software collection, and discovered what it really takes to be a web-master. Anybody can slap together text, graphics, and links and call it a web page, but it takes some real brains and creativity (not as mutually exclusive as you might think) to put up an actual useful web application.
What is Serve-A-Verse? It is an interactive website that allows a registered user to select a single or range of verses from the Old Testament Bible and see the verses displayed in English and in Hebrew, the original biblical language. Our updated web-service also allows users to play an audio clip next to each individual verse of "the voice of God" reading the verse in Hebrew.

To see for yourself how totally awesome this website is, follow this link (Serve-A-Verse) to the home page.
To read more about the launching of Serve-A-Verse, see the post my sister Bettina wrote on her blog about it: We have a launch!/Ready to Serve!
To make my day, leave a comment and/or tell your friends to register to our site.
For other options, press 2. (Just kidding.)

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Rainy said...

It sounds like it was hard work. Congrats on the accomplishment! And I'm GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!