How's the week been?

Finally, I'm glad I got my whole story of the Boston trip off my back! I tell you, it was one of the best adventures ever! Since then I've been taking it real easy, maybe a bit too easy. Here's a quick overview of how my past week has gone:
  • Bettina and I have been driving to the library by ourselves (it's fun to have licenses!)
  • Whole family attended a birthday party for 1-year-old Osher July 11 (He's got these big adorable ears and this bright baby-face, and we saw him take his first steps!)
  • Watched movies almost every night ("Wakko's Wish", "Bolt", "Hotel for Dogs", and "Bedtime Stories" are the most recent ones)
  • I've been learning some new Adobe Photoshop tricks, like turning any photo into a painted masterpiece, check it out!
  • Currently reading this Deepak Chopra book called "The Way of The Wizard", 20 lessons about living like Merlin (it's better than it sounds) plus this book about this voice actor, Harlan Hogan and how he got into the business. Never heard of him, but he's a funny bio writer. I'd sure like to be a voice actor someday.
  • All my meals are home-prepared! It's been awesome, because that's where the good stuff comes from; salads, pasta, sandwiches, no need to go out for food when you've got a huge refridgerator with no stranger's stuff in it!
  • Watched "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" on the very day it started showing in theaters July 15 (I had a good time watching it, it's funny at times, but I only got really scared once in the whole movie. Harry's costars have gotten more screentime in this movie than any other HP film, so that's nice for them.)
  • Bettina and I are happily reunited with our adorable cockatiel birds Sasha and Sammy. While me and Bettina were off having good times in Boston, Adam, Shira, and Benny had to care for them all by themselves, and eventually after two weeks of not seeing their "mommies", our boys have gotten a bit hostile. Now that we're back they're easier to handle, but they still hiss at us or make as if to bite us. Do they forgive us for "abandoning" them for so long? Who'll know for sure?
  • I am still zany for Animaniacs and I keep searching on YouTube for any clip I haven't seen before. I'm also learning how to play their theme song on the piano, so I've got the song almost stuck in my head.
  • Last but not least, last Monday us three kids (Bettina, Adam, and me) played a long-awaited game of Monopoly, and I won yet again! We didn't play a full game, but I still won!

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