Boston ~ Day 16, The End of Boston Trip '09

July 8~The last day! Finally the moment me and my sis had been waiting for! We both woke up very early, at 6:30 in the morning. We packed away our remaining belongings such as toiletries and notebooks and other stuff, but that only took about an hour, no big whoop. Then we walked to a nearby coin-operated laundromat to wash the bedsheets for the next person who would live there. (Our mom got a new tenant signed up!) It was our first time doing a laundry all by ourselves! Not much to brag about though I suppose, I mean how exciting can you get when the best part is watching the sheets go round and round and tumbling in the dryer? Not much higher. Still, it's a grown-up thing, right? We had to put in the soap, set the dial to the right temperature and press a button. Hard work huh? (Not.)

When we were done with that, we had to give our keys to our renter upstairs, Bob, who would then give the keys to the next person who'd take our room. Then Bettina and I decided to take our last walk around the reservoir. We took the long way around this time. Along the way we spotted a couple chipmunks, and more than a few robins. It's a shame we didn't bring our camera, though. It was half-sunny, half-cloudy on our last day, lovely weather. It felt like a bittersweet moment knowing how soon we would leave. After that, it got more cloudy than rainy, so we stayed inside for the rest of the afternoon and watched Animaniacs cartoons not featuring the Warners (segments like "Chicken Boo" and "Katie Ka-Boom", funny enough on their own, but not as wacky as Yakko, Wakko and Dot), and Michael Jackson music videos.

Then we decided to Skype our family for the last time since in a few hours we'd be going back to Florida. We only got our dad, Benny, because Shira and Adam were out, but it was great talking to him, knowing we'd see him and our family shortly. We told him how we did what we were supposed to do and that we were all packed and rarin' to go. Then we had a small lunch and went back to YouTube. I don't remember how, but we came upon this new cartoon, another Steven Spielberg owned character, "Freakazoid!" He is very very funny! Does anyone growing up in the nineties know what I'm talking about? He's a crazy blue-skinned superhero dude who drives his arch-enemies insane with his zany-ness! He's goofy, he's loud, and he works alone (except for the occasional temporary sidekick). You have to watch him! Search "Freakazoid cartoon" on YouTube and tell me what you think.

Anyway, we watched episodes until 3:00, which turned out to be exactly when we had to pull up stake! We already had all our things packed except for the computer, so we put that away and picked up the four big bags of our stuff and said goodbye as we locked up our room. We stopped at the kitchen to gather our snacks, apples, cereal, bread, and peanut-butter (we hoped to make some sandwiches at the airport, but later the guard confiscated our jar. How about that?) and left the apartment with all our belongings intact. We had to lug the bags to the "T" stop, and we might've missed it, but because of divine time, right after we got on, it started on it's way. We relaxed and wiggled in our seats with excitement until we had to change to the Blue line, and then it was only 4 stops to the airport station. We took a free shuttle to get to the actual airport, and by then we were crazy excited! We had to wait in line to get our boarding passes printed, but this nice lady helped us by using a "do it yourself" machine to print them out, so that was nice and quick.

After that we made it past security (minus peanut butter) and waited for 2 1/2 hours at the gate watching CNN and eating apples, Joe's Os, and plain bread sandwiches (it's all good, we weren't too hungry). The flight was delayed 15 minutes, so the wait was a smooch longer. While we waited we were entertained by overhearing the antics of a young boy whose name didn't come up. He found a penny and hid it in his hat so his older brothers wouldn't get at it, try as they did. Later he went up to the gate where we would soon be boarding and he told the lady at the gate that he wanted to be first in line when he and his family went on the plane. Such a cute little guy. (Turns out he didn't get on first, because first they boarded people who were in wheelchairs and also parents carrying babies under 2 years. Oh well.)

It was very exciting when we got on the plane. This time we got window seats, and so takeoff was awesome to watch. Also we were able to witness the most glorious sunset ever in the history of glorious sunsets! Above the stratosphere, the sky was clear as can be, and down below we could see what looked like mountains and hills of puffy white clouds. It was like seeing what Antarctica looked like, only it was sunny. Anyway, the activity of watching the sky occupied us for quite a while, but after the sun completely set and we couldn't see any more light in the sky (although we could make out many tiny lights down on land), I took a nice nap. I couldn't sleep as well as I would've liked because it was hard to make my body forget that it was flying in a plane, but I had an okay rest.

At around 10:45 the flight finally ended (the landing was smooth and I was up by this time). We were quick to get out of the plane because our seats were near the front of the plane. As soon as we got out I found a payphone to call our parents to pick us up. We sat outside on a bench to wait for them, and I found it strange and familiar to feel again the humid warmth of a night in South Florida. It took a while for them to get there, but when they did we recognized our car right away and excitedly went up to meet them. As soon as Adam got out of our car, he saluted us with a "HELLOOOO Sisters!" So sweet, because the Warner Brothers always say "HELLOOOO Nurse!". Anyway it was wonderful to ride home, and talk to Shira, Benny and Adam face to face again. Mostly we told about how our last day had been, and we also chatted with Adam about Animaniacs snippets. When we got back home, Shira had a homecooked dinner ready and waiting for us to enjoy. Stirfried vegetables and couscous! Even though it was a bit late at night to be eating, we were quite hungry and so we had the delicious meal.

When it was time for us to get ready for bed, it felt good to use my good old electric toothbrush instead of the manual one I've been using for 2 weeks. I remember just before I fell asleep I felt as though I were still in a dream, that the next day I would wake up in Boston again. But here I sit, a full week later, finally finishing the epic saga that was our adventures in Boston. In the words of the great Yakko Warner,

"Goodnight Everybody!"

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