Now it's November

  1. October is over, November is here,
  2. We're in the penultimate month of the year.
  3. So far it's been great, I've had some good fun,
  4. I've done a lot and learned a ton.
  5. I've discovered Doug Walker and deviantArt,
  6. Joined onto Twitter, for the most part.
  7. Toastmasters has helped me to grow leaps and bounds,
  8. My self-confidence today simply astounds.
  9. Also Thanksgiving will soon be here,
  10. My uncountable blessings fill me with good cheer
  11. As my poem ends, I'd just like to say,
  12. Have a good month and a very nice day.

Everything I write in this poem is true.
Line 1: Obviously a fact if you're reading it this time of year.
Line 2: "penultimate" means second-to-last.
Line 3-4: this applies to the year in general.
Line 5: Nostalgia Critic and Chester A. Bum are my favorite reviewers on the internet. Please check out some of their wacky videos on YouTube or their website ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com. Be warned, he drops some f-bombs and other colorful curses sometimes, so if you'd rather not expose yourself to such things, then don't. My dA account is CartoonConnoisseur. I don't have a lot of art up yet, but I will soon.
Line 6: My Twitter account is here. I finally joined because my dad found a lost wallet at the library yesterday and because he had no email-address, home address, or phone number in his wallet, but he did have an ID card, we thought of Googling his name, and we found his Twitter account. It was private, so I decided to join Twitter and try to open up the lines of communication. This morning though Benny had a better idea: go to the bank and use the guy's credit cards to learn his information. Benny called him up today and the guy came to our house and got his wallet back. Hurray! And I'm on Twitter now. Hurray!
Line 7-8: On Tuesday the 2nd I was a speech evaluator for someone giving their Icebreaker. It was the first meeting of the month, so we had a whole potluck party that day. On a sidenote, have you ever had the experience of walking straight into a sliding door because the glass was so clean you couldn't see it? Well that actually happened to me 2 days ago, and I'm pretty sure a couple AIU students saw me. Now I've got a bruise on my nose and an eye on those clear glass doors.
Line 9-10: I love Thanksgiving. Right after my birthday and Halloween, it's my favorite holiday ever.
Line 11-12: I mean what I say. =)

1 comment:

Rainy said...

Aw, I liked that. Happy November memories.

FINALLY we'll see your art on DeviantArt!

I don't have an account myself, since I don't have any talent to upload =] I do visit there TONS though.

You guys are such good people, going through all that trouble to give the guy his wallet back :) I bet he was relieved.